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How may we help expand your menu?

We are dedicated to your success. Today's educated, progressive consumers focus on where their food is sourced, and the path it follows to get to their plates. Where can you make subtle changes and create offerings that are healthy, innovative, tasty and appealing? Customers' priorities and tastes are changing, dining experiences are changing, competition is changing. Previously, lighter and healthier dishes were an after-thought…today they are front and center on menus. Our products will help you adapt your menu in a cost-effective manner. 


The rise of gluten-free 

3.1 million Americans now follow a gluten-free diet and 72% of them avoid gluten by choice. Adding gluten free products to your menu is essential to keep up with the market demand. 

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66% of consumers are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand. Vegetable based products are environmentally conscious and ethically sourced. 

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The food industry is rapidly changing. Consumer preferences and buying patterns reflect a preferences toward healthy, locally sourced, organic, and socially conscious producers. 

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